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Working to improve the quality of life for residents of care homes in the High Peak & North Derbyshire Dales.

Advocacy Aware

Is a project being developed by

Peaks & Dales Advocacy,
16 Eagle Parade, Buxton SK17.6EQ

Charity No 1108884.
A company limited by guarantee Reg No 4772008 has been established since 1988.

Telephone 01298 79539

e mail: padaf@

Manager Peter Dawson

Advocacy Aware is in the early stages of revival after being semi 'dormant' for the last 2 years. The coordinator post has now been filled and we are making up for lost time. The project first began in 2009 with the aim of improving the quality of life for residents in Care Homes.

We currently have 5 Homes enrolled onto the project: Ecclesfold, The Brooklands, The Hawthorns, Willow Bank and Pendlebury Court, 4 of which have received accreditation for being advocacy aware. The fifth home (Ecclesfold) will be accredited and presented with the Advocacy Aware Award by MP Andrew Bingham in December.

Our small team of Volunteers has been supporting Homes to integrate homeliness, communication and social inclusion. Five Homes are accredited for being advocacy aware for their commitment to giving their residents a voice. Advocacy Aware Homes support the right for residents to feel comfortable in their surroundings, by ensuring their Homes are as 'homely' as possible. They support effective communication between residents, relatives and staff by providing a time and space for residents to express themselves. They are supporting us to provide a safe environment for residents to speak and be heard without judgment. This has opened the lines of effective communication between residents, family members and staff.

They are supporting an open-door policy by actively encouraging residents to access outside agencies, such as ourselves and providing access to stimulating activities inside and outside of the Home.

I would like to thank Advocacy Aware Homes and the volunteers for their continued effort to support dignified and respectful care to residents. I look forward to welcoming more Homes and volunteers onto the project and look forward to supporting Homes within North Derbyshire and the High Peak in their efforts to providing the high standard of care they set out to achieve.

Advocacy Aware volunteers have been successful in facilitating open communication between staff, residents and relatives, with the views and opinions of residents being expressed, heard and acted upon. Volunteers work hard to develop and maintain positive relationships with staff, residents and relatives. It was highlighted that the presence of a regular advocate is beneficial, with managers reporting that our support is invaluable to maintaining the dignity and respect of residents.

We support a system that enables residents to take control of their lives and make decisions about their own care and are confident that Care Homes within Derbyshire aspire to do the same.

If you have any questions or would like to be involved with "Advocacy Aware" please contact Ronny Worsey on the above number .

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